Direct mail marketing in 2015 vs Email Marketing?

Let Proven Results Marketing help you create a direct mail marketing campaign that will target the exact prospects you seek. Even in today’s internet savvy world, direct mail still works!

Overloaded Inbox

How many emails do we get a day? How many do we actually read? Some people don’t even sort through their emails on a daily basis. When your potential clients finally get around to their inbox, it’s very possible that they might just select them all and delete! In a study by Epsilon, 77 percent of consumers will sort through their physical mail as soon as they get it. The U.S. Postal Service showed 98 percent of people check their mail DAILY….a MUCH better chance for YOUR sales piece to get read. While other businesses focus on email marketing, sorting through the considerable inbox overload that we all face, there is not nearly as much competition in your old school mailbox.

A Personal Touch
Outside of taking up door-to-door sales, you won’t get any closer to your prospects than direct mail. With a strong sales piece, you’ll stroll right into their home, sit down at their dining room table and pitch your product with the expertise that only you can deliver. This is your chance to join your prospects at the table. No struggling for their email attention during an already busy day. Slide on in when they’re already taking a moment for themselves. Once your sales piece is in their hand, it’s time to let it do it’s job!