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Experienced Direct Mail Professionals

Direct Mail is the most effective way to communicate a customized tailored message to a specific targeted group of potential customers. Proven Results Marketing is your most experienced option when it comes to choosing a mail house provider. In regards to our experience we have a lineage of mail room knowledge going back 3 generations, dating back to 1958, which was started by the late Ed Helsley.

Each year the Association of Marketing Service Providers (formerly MFSA) gives out the Helsley award, to honor a certain business for their outstanding achievements. The name of the original award was the Ed Helsley award, but was later changed to the Helsley award. This was done to honor all of the work that the Helsley family has given to the mail industry over the years. Proven Results Marketing is a product of that hard work. It is owned by Brian Helsley (Ed’s grandson) and Wade Hester who came on board with the Helsley team in 1989. The company has evolved to be a leader in direct mail communications. As a result of our experience, we have the industry knowledge to know what works for any business or organization. We are willing to share this knowledge to make our customers successful. If our customers are successful then our business will be successful.


Unique and Targeted Direct Mail Services

Every company is different, therefore each direct mail campaign must be unique. We take the time to target our services the best way to create successful business outcomes for your company’s needs. Partner with Proven Results Marketing on your next mail campaign to take your direct mail communication to the next level. Use our direct mail concepts that are proven to get results. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote. 

Targeted Mail Lists – It doesn’t matter who you are trying to find, be it 45 year old men that like to play golf, to homes valued at $250k and above with a pool in the backyard, we’ve got you covered. When using our Premium Consumer data we guarantee a 92% deliverability rate. There are pros and cons to each type of list available and our experienced list team is here to help you decide which one is best for your campaign.

  • Occupant resident data
  • Every Door Direct Mail lists
  • Consumer data
  • D&B Business data
  • Mortgage Data
  • New Borrowers
  • New Homeowners
  • Pre-Movers
Mail Piece – Every mail campaign is unique to the sender’s goals and the type of promotion. There are numerous options to choose from and it can be overwhelming without guidance. We can tell you what will work for your specific promotion. We will show you how to make direct mail profitable for your business or organization.

  • Postcards
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Letters
  • Envelopes
  • Variable Data/Mail Merge Mailings
  • Magazines/Flats
  • Plastic Cards
  • Magnets
Mail Class – Mail class refers to the processing category for which your mail will be delivered to and distributed by the U.S. Post Office. Different mail campaigns require different processing classifications in order to be as effective and successful as possible. Proven Results Marketing will tell you what category is the best route for you to mail with in order to get the highest response rate possible.

  • Non-Profit Mail
  • Standard Mail
  • Presorted First Class Mail
  • First Class Mail


Direct Mail Campaign Components 

  1. Mail Lists – Who are we sending to?
  2. Mail Piece – What type of mailer will be most effective? (postcard, flyer, letter…)
  3. Mail Class – What will be the most effective way to mail for my campaign?
Direct Mail July 10, 2014