Offset Printing – Why settle for Printing for Advertising?

Proven Results Marketing, as the name suggests, is a full service marketing communications company. Your success matters and so, our goal is to ensure your success by offering carefully designed, affordable, creative, and innovative solutions for your company’s marketing needs. Say bye-bye to old, hopeless forms of marketing. We blend proven traditional methods with current marketing strategies to optimize your marketing efforts and provide flawless implementation.

Why settle for Printing for Advertising?

Here’s why:

  • Printed word can be highly informative
  • Last longer
  • Helps build an imageprinting texas

All businesses will, at all times, be in need of quality printing products. In addition to other tools and techniques an organization may employ to attract customers, the quality of the printed flyer will also play a great role in attracting more customers, and a professional printing company like ourselves can advise on every aspect of the flyers, including design, type face, illustrations, color of type, type of paper best used, and even the color of the paper!

Proven Results Marketing print department serves you like any credible Texas printing company and works to fulfil all your printing needs, from graphic design to direct mail printing; you want it and we got it. Here, at Proven Results Marketing, we offer our valued customers superior quality digital and offset lithography, more commonly referred to as Offset Printing. Offset Printing provides an added benefit of high and consistent image quality.

Additionally, Offset Printing process can be used for small, medium or high-volume jobs, and that’s what makes it so different. Proven results marketing really acts according to their name and so, we are committed to bringing to you the best results.

Proven Results Marketing printing quality

Our services also include Graphic design, which, as any professional would know, is vital to your marketing campaign. If you strike the customer on the first look, you are going to be in their good books and they are going to feel attracted toward your product. Mission Accomplished! Proven Results Marketing helps you build an image by offering services such as Logo Creation, so that wherever your customer sees your logo, they know it’s their favorite company! Also, Photography, Color Correction, Type setting etc. services are available. Moreover, we offer Direct Mailing services to our customers to ease their tasks and reach out to their customers effectively. We know what we do and take care of all things we are assigned to, and so, the elements of consideration when doing a DM campaign are as follows:

1. Mail Lists – Who are we sending to? (Consumer Data, Mortgage Data etc.)

2. Mail Piece – What type of mailer will be most effective? (Postcard, flyer, brochures etc.)

3. Mail Class – What will be the most effective way to mail for my campaign? (Non-profit mail, Standard Mail, First Class Mail etc.)

It goes without saying that we do everything in our power to serve Texas with print solutions like never before, all in one place!

If your traditional methods of marketing have let you down and are looking for better ways to communicate and advertise yourself in Houston, TX, contact us and we’ll be at your service ASAP!