Is Printing Dead?

Professional Printing Services Are Alive and Well

With the rise of the digital domain with the likes of email marketing and social media, one would think that professional printing services would be dead. Why do businesses need to use print in their marketing campaigns today? It may be true that the cost effectiveness and exposure factor of online marketing campaigns have drawn many business owners to the convenience of it, but professional printing services are essential to a great marketing campaign.


Print vs. Digital Media


The need for advertising your business and what it offers is essential for gaining a following of loyal repeat business. Print is much more tangible because it is something your client can actually hold in their hands. Whereas digital media can only be seen and could disappear at any moment and you have nothing to show for it. Print ads stay for months at a time on coffee tables and office desks, offering more time for your business brand to be seen by thousands of eyes. Digital marketing is a bit daunting with all the spam and the pop-up ads or the constant use of banners that it makes people fear clicking anything. Print provides a sense of legitimacy and credibility.


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There is no fear of being scammed or not knowing if you are entering into something awful. Professional printing services offer you a more niche-specific target marketing funnel by creating ads for your business that you can place in specialty magazines or local newspapers like for the local fast paced life in Conroe, Texas. If you are advertising on the web, you don’t have a choice who views your ad or have the capability of forcing it into a specific niche. Professional printing services can also provide local advertising for direct mail to potential clients for your business. Direct mail holds upwards of fifty percent of local retail marketing campaigns for the likes of Houston and the Woodlands, Texas, to name just a few. Let’s face it, print used for advertising your business is much more engaging and provide a sense of involvement to your potential customers. If you placed your ads on the internet, it may be skimmed within a ten-second visit but is not as pleasing as a print ad.


Businesses need to advertise and with the increased use of the web to make this easier and faster for business owners, the lack of print advertising should be capitalized on. With less printed ads you can use this as a marketing advantage and gain a stronger foothold within print publications. With less crowding of magazines and newspapers, your professional printing services can create beautiful ads for you to place in these publications and they will stand out and be available for months.


photo credits Suga